Why Regular Dental Exams Can Save You Money

Many people, especially those without insurance or those with an extensive dental history believe that they cannot afford to go to the dentist. In reality going to the dentist on a regular basis (no less than once every 6 months) can lead to large savings in the long term.  Most dental problems will not resolve themselves and cannot be resolved by home remedies either. These problems only progress with time, as progression occurs, unfortunately, the expense to save the tooth also tends to increase dramatically. A patient who receives a regular exam that finds a small cavity can often treat the problem and retain their tooth without any more work for years, or possibly for life, for about $100-$200 depending on good home care and the size of the cavity. When the cavity becomes too large however a Root Canal or a Crown or both may be necessary to save the tooth. These options can extend past $1000 to extend the life of the tooth and these may not be options at all if the tooth is too decayed requiring an extraction. By keeping up on dental care it's easy to see how a few hundred dollars can save thousands down the line.